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Dear Students/Parents

Pathshala™ has been established with sincere and positive resolve to do something rewarding for ENGG. / PRE-MEDICAL /NDA/ +2 aspirants. For this Pathshala has been instituted to provide a relentlessly motivating and competitive atmosphere.
As It is very important to discover the basic weaknesses and problems of students not succeeding in –JEE (Main, Advanced) PRE-MEDICAL , Defence and +2 Board exams. In fact, as exam patterns are changing, students facing bigger problem to score good marks in their board exam. Now you need to have a different approach for board exam as well competitive exams.
At Pathshala, the scope of the subject has been deliberately made all- inclusive to free them of this burden. Pathshala offers you complete preparation for –JEE Main, Advanced /PRE-MED./Defence/+2 Board exams under one roof.
Grooming at the Pathshala is done methodically focusing on understanding of the subject, tricks of tackling the questions and above all enthusing students with self confidence, ambition and a ‘never say give up’ spirit. As secrets of success these are no substitutes for hard work and patience. These qualities, the Pathshala ensures will be developed in students in full measure perhaps luck plays some role in one’s life and career. But it is also a universal truth that before proper grasps of subject intelligent preparation and perservance even adverse luck does not stand a chance.
With this mantra success is sure to come your way. At “Pathshala” we strive our best to realize the Alchemist’s dream of turning ‘base metal’ into ‘gold’.
With best wishes.
C. Shekhar
(Motivator & Guru)

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